Satış Öncesi / Sonrası Hizmetler

The secret of the success of Makrofokus Construction projects, and to our maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, is that we are in constant contact, communicating and working closely with our customers before, during and after their purchase. In this way we are able to completely understand their requirements and respond to these with the right services.
Being aware of the expectations of our customers before and after their property purchase enables us to provide support and advice when needed, and satisfy their individual requirements for a comfort and enjoyable lifestyle.
As part of our pre-sales promise, once you indicate to us you interest in buying one of our properties, we will propose to you the property which we think will best meet your requirements, outline the legal procedures and go through whatever paperwork is necessary before and during the purchase process.
Our after-sales commitment begins with ensuring that we have the services in place to help you start enjoying your life in your new property – these are detailed below. Please also see our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for more information on buying real estate in Turkey, or please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form with any specific questions.
Pre-Sales Services
  • Inspection Trips: These offer potential clients wishing to receive comprehensive information on Moda Marine the opportunity to visit the complex and see the choice of properties available, as well as the local area, at first hand. For more information, and to arrange an inspection trip, please click here.
  • Airport Transfers: If you wish to make your own arrangements for travelling to Turkey, we offer transfers from the airport to Moda Marine.
  • Briefing: You’ll have plenty of opportunity to peruse information on our properties, and to ask as many questions as you like on the purchase process, legal procedures, and mortgages.
  • Investment Advice: If you are interested in considering investing in real estate other than Moda Marine (land, tourism facilities, or commercial property) we offer a full range of services to assist you in this, including property searches and checks, and advice on investing in Turkey, legal procedures and finding investment partners.
  • Mortgage Advice: We are also able to advise on the opportunities for, and assist you in obtaining a mortgage from Turkish banks.
  • Preparation of Legal Documents/Contracts: We prepare, on your behalf, all paperwork pertaining to the purchase of your property, including organising documentation for legal procedures, preparing sale/purchase contracts.
  • Translation Services: We offer all foreigners a full service for the sworn translation of legal documentation.
Services During and After Sales
  • Turkish Tax registration number: We assist all non-Turkish nationals to obtain a Turkish tax number that is necessary for all financial transactions in the country.
  • Notary Transactions: A Power of Attorney is drawn up authorising us to undertake notarial transactions on your behalf.
  • Procuring Property Deeds: We handle the process by which the final deeds for your new property are issued in your name.
  • Military Clearance: For all non-Turkish citizens, written clearance is required to confirm that the property being purchased is not in a military or strategic zone.  We organise the application for this to the Aegean Army Command on your behalf.
  • Organising Utilities: We organise the connection and subscription in your name of the telephone, water and electricity for your property.
  • Local Council Paperwork: We handle all declarations and tax payments to the local municipality on your behalf.
  • Insurance: We assist you to select the appropriate property and earthquake insurance for your home.
  • Opening Bank Accounts: We can advise on and organise the opening of Turkish bank accounts.
  • Furnishing and Interior Design Consultation: We are on hand to assist with sourcing everything you will need for your new home, from electrical appliances to fine furnishings and decorative items.
 Real Estate Management Services (1) (5)
We are on hand to assist you in the maintenance and management issues of your property once you move in, without compromising your privacy, so that you are free to get on and enjoy your new home.
  • Security and management: We assure the security of your property during those times when you’re not around, by checking water/electricity installations and making other general condition checks, particularly after extreme weather conditions, and we report back to you with any issues. We can also water your houseplants according to your instructions.
  • Tax and Utility Bill Payments (2) (3): We organise the payments of monthly or other periodic tax and water/electric/telephone bills and onsite maintenance fees on your behalf, and keep you up to date with you accounts by sending you copies of relevant documents and making available to you an easy to access online cloud archive of your payment records.
  • Postal Service (3): Any post which arrives for you while you away can either be sent on to you, or, should you wish, scanned onto your online cloud archive for you to access at your leisure.
  • Property Door Keys: We can organise the cutting of spare keys for you and passing these on to those for whom you give authorisation. Any keys that we keep on your behalf are stored in safe boxes for the maximum security.
  • Maintenance & Repair Services: We organise all maintenance checks and repair services as required on your water/electrical installations, and on the general upkeep of your property as you wish, such as painting, plastering and carpentry services.
  • Delegation (2): Should you be away for one of our regular Residents Committee meetings, you may nominate a delegate to report issues, make requests and vote on decisions on your behalf.
  • Insurance: We can act as an intermediary for you with your chosen insurance company, particularly in the event of any damage claim and follow up thereof.
You may opt to use all of our property management services, or choose those of which you have specific need, and of course the above list is not comprehensive and we will be happy to help out with any additional specific requirements you may have. As long as we have the resources to provide these additional services, we will be happy to help in any way we can to ensure that you have the peace of mind to make the most from your property.
(1) Our property management services are covered by an agreement drawn up between you and us detailing which of our services you require, and our precise fee for each element. Service agreements will be made on a yearly basis, and these may be extended each year. Services will only be delivered within Alanya (not including surrounding towns).
(2) Any payments which we make on your behalf under our bill payment service will be charged to you separately from any site service charges.
(3) Cloud Archives: For those who wish to take advantage of our cloud archiving service to store copies of documents and accounts, we will organise an e-mail account in your name and provide you with all necessary security and access codes.
(4) Maintenance and repair costs are priced on the basis of each piece of work you approve. The total invoice to you will include a breakdown of labour, materials and equipment costs.
(5) It may be necessary, on certain occasions, for you to issue a Power of Attorney authorising our firm to act on your behalf when you are not around.