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Antalya / Alanya / Kargıcak
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General Info

We bring comfort together with the peace of nature.

Oxo Yapı actualizes an attractive living concept with its unique location in Kargıcak region which hosts both blue and green. Let's examine this project's advantages which aim to be the icon of the region with its architectural concept and social privileges.


Clean air, natural beauty, a view of the city and the sea, rich vegetable and fruit varieties right from the soil, to your table. 300 days of sun and clear sea, colorful flower gardens with basil-scented walkways for your enjoyment of jogging or bike riding for a healthy and peaceful life, far away from the noise of traffic and stress. All the beauties will contribute to the time that you will spend with yourself and your loved ones


The residence is 25 km (15 minutes) away from the airport, 3 km away to the city center and 15 km away from the city center of Alanya.

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools for your swimming enjoyment summer and winter.
  • Healthy days with saunas and steam rooms.
  • Experience the relaxation in the Turkish bath and massage
  • A life full of sports with the gym available
  • With the mini movie theater, you can enjoy your own gala for every movie you’d like.
  • Fun times with billiards, table tennis and air hockey
  • A children play club in which your children can safely play
  • The joy of rhythm in music rooms different instruments
  • Joyful hours in comfortable resting areas, freshly squeezed fruit juices from the vitamin bar
  • Basketball court and football field
  • Playstation gaming saloon, variety of impressive games and excitement packed hours.
  • Security system offers a secure and safe environment with video monitoring system.
  • At your service, 24/7
  • Special parking garage to protect your vehicle from external effects and to keep your vehicle closer for comfort.
  • Restaurant & Cafe
  • Unlimited internet in common places with free wireless connection.
  • Bicycles in various sizes are available whenever you wish.
  • Constant gardening and site security.
A majority of the energy cost of common places will be supplied free of charge thanks to the solar powered energy generation system
Cost free hot water supply in residences and social areas thanks to solar power
The rain water will be collected in reservoirs and be used for irrigation.
Nature friendly A class materials will be used as construction and electric materials.
Constructions will have a longer life time thanks to the correct insulation material use
Gardens designed with rich landscapes including a variety of plants and flowers
A sustainable economy with the conservation of energy, and practical solutions to provide cheap energy that make life easier. Solutions that will ensure energy savings are indispensible aspects of each phase of the construction.


Ergonomic and practical apartments built with details and 1st quality materials and the best workmanship possible.
A spacious use of wide gazebos.
Floor heated bathrooms, hygienic sanitary ware and fixtures.
Easy to use granite counter in kitchens, stylishly designed functional kitchen cabinets and built in white goods (Class A)
Air conditioning in each room (Class A)
Heat and noise insulated stylish, energy saving aluminum frames and double glazing windows which provide ease of use.
All the materials that will be used will be selected among the ones with TSE standards and 1st class nature friendly materials.
An overall innovative and modern architecture project which appeals to both traditional and modern tastes, together with its social areas.


Approximately 80% of the project which was built over an area of 11,700 m2 is dedicated to green space and social spaces, this feature allows all the blocks in the project to be quite far from each other. The project which was planned with modern architecture and ergonomic use in mind, is composed of 5 blocks and a total of 100 units.
Fits every budget and need with 6 different types of apartments
  •      20     2+1 apartments
  •      35     1+1 apartments
  •      10     2+1 apartments doubled with gardens
  •      10     3+1 apartments doubled with gardens
  •      15     2+1 apartments doubled with terrace gazebos
  •      10     3+1 apartments doubled with terrace gazebos

Eco Marine is not just a project for those who need housing, but it is also a holiday resort hotel concept with rich features, so it is in a structure that could be preferred in any season of the year, and this will enable you to obtain permanent rental income. In our region, there is intense demand for short-term rental for these types of projects. In addition, with the completion of the project Eco Marine, the quick transformation to the tidy site way of life, will increase the demand for the project and ensure a rise in housing prices. As the pricings made in the projection phase will rise as the stages of the project are complete, the profit for potential investors will be inevitable.
OXO CONSTRUCTION brings an innovative and different approach to the construction industry and continues to build client oriented, functional residences. (MODA APART, MODA MARİNE, MODA NATURA) All contracts to be executed are under the assurance of OXO CONSTRUCTION.

Floor Plans

Eco Marine Floor Plans

Technical Details

  • Steels conforming to static Project and C25 or C30 concrete shall be used in the Project under the control of Construction Inspection Company. The buildings shall have spread foundation, and all reinforced concrete and steel works shall be performed under the supervision of the Construction Inspection. The materials increasing adhesion shall be applied to all walls before application of the plaster.
  • For the walls of basements embedded in the soil 3 layers of water insulation and 1 layer of protective Styrofoam shall be used.
  • The pipes and fittings of Fırat Boru shall be used in plumbing works . Clean and waste water lines shall be connected to main Networks.
  •  Power supply installations shall be so arranged that using HES Cables that at least 3 receptacles are to be provided in each room . The sizes (thicknesses) and numbers of the cables shall be adequate.  Central Satellite TV system, telephone and internet equipment installations (systems) shall be installed.
  • Solar power system with a capacity of 25 KW shall be installed on the roof, and resistance shall be mounted on the roof to supply hot water during the time sunrays are not sufficient.
  • External walls shall be made of Izobims materials in 20 cm thickness while internal walls are to be built with bricks in thickness of 13.5 cm applying izobims with a thickness of 25 cm among the flats.
  • External walls shall be treated with coarse and fine grout followed by primer (undercoat) completed with Jotun Brand top coat (Except for the locations where rip rap or veneering is to be applied).
  • Coarse and fine grouts shall be applied on external walls followed by application of Knauf brand plaster on it and painting with satin paint of Jotun,  Filli or Marshall brands.
  • The ceilings shall be treated with application of sheetrock of KNAUF, and special decoration shall be made based on lighting with spot lights or LED lights. Afterwards plaster and paint shall be applied.
  • After pouring of leveling concrete on the floors, the tiles of 1st class (products of Hitit, seranit, Kütahya etc.,) shall be applied.
  • On stairs inside the building granite or marble shall be used, and inside the flats granite tile shall be applied.
  • Kitchen cupboards, cloakrooms, and bathroom cabinets shall be made of MDF material and coated with lacquer paint. All cupboard accessories shall be of same brand. Covers and drawers shall be equipped with braking system.
  • Kitchen counter shall be made of granite. Kitchen sink shall be Ukinox Brand made of granite.
  • Electrical ground heating system shall be installed in all bathrooms with Devi brand resistances.
  • A multi inverter A++ air condition of adequate capacity shall be installed in each room.
  • General entrance door shall be steel door of BORDO Brand. The doors shall be manufactured aesthetically and be extremely durable with a central locking system.  Apparent surface of the doors shall be coated with wooden, painted glass or glass panes.
  • Joineries shall be made of aluminum of the GLAID COOL Brand that is known worldwide. The glass shall be furnished with special double glass with heat insulation of ŞİŞECAM COMFORT Brand compatible for Mediterranean climate.
  • Internal doors shall be wooden doors coated with lacquer paint.
  • External façades of the buildings shall be arranged (manufactured) to be compliant with inside of the flats and perimeter landscape. The modifications to be made in the Project except for obligatory items shall be possible only based on approval of the Project Architect.
  • Embedded reservoirs and showers shall be of NKS Brand, and tap mixers shall be products of ECA which are known worldwide. Closets and washbasins shall be of SEREL brand made of hygienic materials and renown throughout the World. Shower cabins and hot tubes shall be of Pano Brand .
  • The railings shall be made of aluminum or tempered glass.
  • Veneers on façades (external surfaces)   shall be made with sheets of Larex coated with two coats of oil based, dry impregnated Hemel Brand protective coating.
  • Water insulation shall be applied in roof terraces, balconies and bathrooms, and ceramic tiling shall be applied on it.
  • Veneer, glass –mosaic decorative plaster or wainscot shall be applied at some locations specified in the Project.  Coating material for coating inside the pool shall be glass mosaic or porcelain. Ceramic adhesive shall be 1st class adhesives of Weber Brand.
  • Open pools shall be furnished with waterfalls. Perimeter of open pools shall be coated with travertine. Jacuzzi shall be arranged inside the pool. Jacuzzi (hot tube) shall be installed inside the closed pool. Fountains and flower beds shall be a made in front of the buildings according to the projects.
  • Water for the closed pool and bath shall be heated using heat pump technology.
  • Building complex shall have security guards present 24 hours, and it shall be equipped with camera and alarm system operating on 7/24 principle .
  • In landscape arrangement, soils except for the hard grounds shall be provided with grass, trees and flowers.  Barbecu shall be installed and sitting location and camellia shall be arranged with washbasin in barbecue location. Water supply line shall be installed for the pool, showers and garden irrigation.
  • Central water treatment system shall be installed for the water used by the building. Additionally, spare water reservoir shall be installed for all flats.
  • Roof waters shall be collected and evaluated in irrigation of the garden. In addition, Artesian well shall be drilled for garden irrigation. 
  • All perimeter lighting shall be performed.
  • Spot lamps and LED lamps used for interior lighting of the building shall be installed.
  • Garden walls shall be made as concrete shear wall and coated with decorative items, or stone walls shall be built.
  • Entrance door of the building complex shall be implemented according to the design. A security guard building shall be provided at the entrance.
  • Central announce (sound) system shall be installed in social area.
  • FREE INTERNET at high speed shall be present in the entire building complex owing to the central system installed using fiber optical cables.
  • Built –in articles (objects) and white goods to be furnished shall be of A++ class of Beko Brand. 
  • Handles of the flat doors and those of kitchen cabinets shall be made of high quality stainless steel chromium.
  • Stairs of the Duplex apartments shall be made of granite or marble, and the railings shall be made of chromium.
  • Front surfaces of kitchens shall be painted glass.
  • The installations shall be installed through the shafts furnished with intervention covers (holes).
  • Ventilations for all bathrooms and kitchens shall be directly connected with outdoor environment by means of pipes separated from each other.
  • Central satellite system shall be provided.
  • Video call (visual call) system shall be installed, and voice and video connection to the security guard shall be ensured. 
  • Clamped roof covering system shall be used on the roofs.  Two layers of 10 cm Rockwool between OSB for heat and sound insulations, a layer of humidity insulator and 1 layer of vapor insulator shall be provided and installed under the roof sheet covering.
  • In green colored roofs, protective screed of three layers shall be applied on related insulation followed by PVC water insulation for drainage lines resistant special UV rays.
  • The elevators shall be of the state of the art elevators and they shall be checked routinely each month.
  • Flat numbers shall be placed and furnished with LED lights.
  • Mailing boxes for the buildings shall be placed on the entrances. Equipment rooms shall be at basement floor. Each flat shall have a depot room at basement floor to be delivered as ready for usage with installed and painted doors.
  • Closed social areas (restaurant, play grounds for the children , Cinema, Music room, Turkish bath, sauna, massage  room,  closed pool,  fitness room, locker rooms, main entrances of the buildings etc.,)  shall be built  according to the Project and be ready for usage with required furniture and equipment .
  • Open social facilities (open pool, gardens, green areas, areas of sports) shall be constructed (manufactured) as specified in the Project.
  • Main entrance doors of the building shall be made of chromium. Building entrances shall be spacious and constructed according to respective Project.